Debit Card Information

Travel Notice

Going on vacation or a business trip? Let us know your travel plans beforehand to ensure access to your Mastercard® debit card is not interrupted. Transactions outside your normal purchasing pattern can be flagged for suspicious activity through our Falcon Fraud protection services.

Benefits of submitting a travel notice:

  • Protects against fraud
  • Helps to ensure card usage isn’t interrupted
  • Travel with the convenience of using your card
To submit a travel notification for your debit card:
  1. You may contact your local PIB office.
  2. You may send a secure message in Internet Banking.
  3. You may use the “Contact Us” form located on the website.

Please note that in order to use this option, a call back will be required to verify the information submitted.  Please make sure you include a number where you can be reached.

Falcon Fraud

Falcon Fraud is a product Peoples Independent Bank uses through our debit card provider, Shazam. It helps identify and reduce fraud risk by detecting potentially fraudulent PIN and signature-based debit transactions that could be ran through your debit card.
Falcon Fraud works by identifying transactions based on a pre-determined set of parameters that appear to be suspicious. If a transaction goes through that is suspicious, Shazam will directly contact the customer to determine if the transaction is valid or not.  If they do not have a successful call attempt, Shazam will put a temporary block on the debit card to prevent further fraudulent activity to protect both the customer and the bank.
Traveling could flag fraudulent activity on your account if you do not let your local Peoples Independent Bank know you will be traveling with your debit card. Here are some steps to take when traveling so your card isn’t marked as fraudulent and blocked:
  • Notify Peoples Independent Bank of travel destinations and dates before you travel.
  • Verify current contact information with the bank.
  • PIN transactions are more secure and are less likely to be flagged for fraud.
  • Always carry alternate means of payment in case your card were to blocked.
  • Download SHAZAM Bolt$ from your app store to receive debit card notifications to your smartphone.
If your card is blocked due to fraudulent activity, you can contact Shazam directly at 866-508-2693 or your local Peoples Independent Bank to take further action in getting your card unblocked.